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Dear Reader,

SEO alone has made me rich. That's a fact!

What about you? If you're like a lot of other frustrated marketers...

  • You slave away at getting back links, but your site never ranks in google...
  • Your back links even if they stick, aren't getting indexed by the search engines ..
  • Your traffic and sales from your SEO efforts are dismal
    (and getting worse every day).
  • And Even Worse you've been forced to move to paid advertising that's sucking the dollars from your bank account faster than a hoover on steroids...

Am I close?

It's OK, it's not your fault. My whole SEO plan used to suck.. Big time

Then, due to a chance meeting with an old friend back from my blackhat days, all that changed...overnight. 



First Page Rankings on Google For Highly Competitive "Buying Keywords"


I'd show more sites but I don't want people to try and reverse engineer them ;)


So as I was saying, In this short little meeting with Jason, I learned what the giants in the SEO industry do that 99% of ordinary marketers don't. And much to my surprise it wasn't even a big secret...looking back now it just seems like common sense...

There's a good chance what I'm about to tell you may be the complete opposite of what other "experts" have been telling you. And there's a good chance that I may even get a few nasty looks...but so be it. In the end...


"If your site isnt on the first page of Google, it really Doesn't matter how hard you worked trying to get it Ranked..."


The first day most internet marketers start in their business, they are taught to get backlinks to their website, and it will help them get ranked higher in Google


As you probably know - the more people are linking to your website...

... the higher Google will rank you...


So, if your competition is on page #1 in Google, and they have 2,700 links pointing at them.

In theory, if you get 2,701 links pointing back at YOU,

You will be ranked Ahead of them...

Now, there are a few other things that the search engines take into consideration, but the majority of the weight is placed on the quality of the backlinks coming to your website.


"So... where are you going to get your 2,701 backlinks?"


Most people are asked to

Write a ton of articles and spend hours submitting them to article directories

Submit their sites to various directories


Post on forums like vBulletin and SMF

Comment on blogs


Bookmark their sites on various Social Bookmarking sites

Do link exchanges.


Now I don't know about you - but that actually sounds WORSE than the work most people are coming online to try and avoid.

But, you know what's worse?


"All this used to work great before, but not any more"


Don't believe me? see for your self.

This is a  graph from for the traffic that gets


Google's Panda update was on the 24th of Feb. Watch what's happened to ezinearticle's ranking and its traffic since then. Its down 25% since the update!



Still think article submissions are gonna work?

No Frickin Way!


"Google has wizened up and is discounting links from the usual suspects"

I mean face it, every SEO course out there teaches you the same techniques like social bookmarking, article submission, blog commenting etc.

These same sites are getting spammed by hundreds and thousands of folk who buy the same SEO courses and SEO software.

Using the same techniques that are used by every Joe and his brother makes your site stick out like a hotdog at a hamburger party.

The result? you guessed right...

If you're lucky, Google buries your site on page 25, if your not, you get sandboxed for a couple of months...

And you end up with ulcers, hours of wasted time, not to mention the hard earned money you just pissed away...


Remember the old days with XRumer (its a uber blackhat Russian SEO software for those of you who don't know)

So you could fire up Xrumer and create a few thousand profile links from various sites that had forum software like vbulletin and PHPBB installed on them, and shoot up in rankings almost overnight.

Well those days are over.


Hey, I don't want to sound all doom and gloom here....there is still a way to rank high in the search engine rankings....


"And That's The secret I learnt from Jason"


Like I said before, it was pure common sense...


Yes, common sense that's not so common. Ironic isnt it?


While all the SEO experts and their followers are building their backlinks by getting links from overly abused social bookmarking sites like digg,fark and newswire

--- web 2.0 properties like Squidoo and hubpages, and microblogging sites like twitter and many others....

YOU don't use them!


"When they Go Zig, You go Zag"


Yes the basic principle of getting backlinks from different C blocks, IP's and diverse platforms still holds true...

The only difference is that you need to get backlinks from diverse sites that are fresh and not so overly abused like the ones I mentioned earlier.


Additionally these need to be sites that

Have high pagerank to pass to you
Authority to put weight behind you and
The ability (and willingness) to anchor link with your keywords.


And imagine if you can have all that without having to

deal with link exchange sites
writing articles
sites that force you to add their widget
Waiting for sites to approve your link


With your permission I would like to show you a tool I've created that's not your traditional SEO tool


Presenting Autolinkbot.



"So what exactly do I mean by different platforms?"

Well by platform I mean scripts. For example look at wordpress. This blogging script is installed by thousands of users on their websites. Another example is PHPBB. This forum software too is installed by thousands of users across the world.

These sites are on different C blocks. IP's and are spread out over different grographical locations.

So once you have an automated solution for a particular platform, you are able to instantly get backlinks from all the sites that have that particular script installed

As the user base of a particular platform grows, your potential sources for backlinks increases as well..

And the fewer the number of "SEO Gurus“who know about a particular platform, the less exploited is the platform.

To rank high in the search engines you need to have diverse sources of backlinks from untapped sites, which is exactly what Autolinkbot automates.


My Beta Testers Were Going GAGA Over This

"Discovering This Simple Truth Is One of The
Greatest Breakthroughs In My Online SEO Career!"

...This Is The Fastest, Easiest and The Most Risk Free Way To Get Massive FREE Traffic!

To understand the true power of this breakthrough software you must check out these incredible features...


This software is freaking awesome. Where on earth did you find these platforms to automate! I am hearing these names for the first time and am really happy to see that most SEO Gurus dont even know these exist LOL.

Some of these are PR5 and even PR6 and have virtually no spam on them. I know my sites are gonna hit page 1 in no time :)

Great job, well done



So Is The Search For A Perfect Traffic Generation
Software Finally Over?


The web changes rapidly and what makes Autolinkbot different from 99% of the other SEO software is that it gets updated frequently!

We know the market. In February 2011, Google's Panda update wiped out thousands of sites from the first page, yet Autolinkbot was still LOVED by Google.

Our beta testers were still getting free SEO traffic and making money hand over fist even in one of the most brutal periods for those SEO experts!

This is where Autolinkbot excels while every thing else fails!

The software is 100% LEGAL and gives search engines exactly what they want! This gives them no choice but to send you massive free traffic every day!

This is your opportunity to take advantage of ...



Autolinkbot is SEO for Dummies!

It is easy to use.  I have never considered myself computer savvy.  I am not a programmer but I was able to get it up and running, and getting me backlinks in under 5 minutes

Using Autolinkbot is simple, direct and clear...

It works well for beginners and advanced users.  I especially appreciate its function of helping newbies and struggling netpreneurs with their SEO efforts.

Thank you, Satya

Michelle Caporuscio


Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Is my purchase backed by a guarantee?

A: Your membership is RISK FREE for 30 days!

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Q: Is Autolinkbot a script or a desktop software?

A: Autolinkbot is a desktop-based software that installs right onto your computer. You do not have to setup any hard to use "PHP scripts".

Q: How does Autolinkbot solve CAPTCHA's?

A: Autolinkbot uses a third party captcha solving service called deathbycaptcha which is the cheapest amongst all the other services. Unlike other software vendors who charge a cut from the captcha solving services and thus make you pay a lot more for the service, we do not take any cut and the captchas are sold at the cheapest rate of $1.39 for 1000 captchas.

Q: Does it work in all countries and all languages?

A: Yes, it does!

Q: What type of customer support will I receive?

A: We are so confident with the power of the software and our genuine belief that it is the best free traffic generation software out there, we are willing to back it up with whatever it takes.

You are GUARANTEED unconditional, courteous and friendly support personally from the creator of the software (me) as well as from my highly trained team of individuals who focus SOLELY on supporting our customers!

You will receive a response from us in 48 hours or less, each time, every time!


I have to admit I was more than a little skeptical at the thought of using yet another backlinks software.

With all the "one click software" being touted at clickbank and being dissapointed each time, I almost had decided to give your software a miss. But then I figured if its did half what you say it did, it would bring in enough to pay for itself.

I have to say I was totally amazed by the results. It was NOTHING like I expected!

Everything was clear and simple to understand. Your video demo was great in showing me just how easily I could get thousands of backlinks to my site from platforms that are so "virgin" if I may say so.

And, boy, is it FAST!

Well make a long story short, I got 1076 backlinks to my website in less than twenty minutes after viewing your demo. A week later I see that Yahoo has indexed 468 backlinks already.

So, now I am convinced that if I can do this, anyone can.

Quite honestly, I am surprised that you are making such a powerful program available to the public at such a reasonable price (when compared to the others). But I am so glad you did.

Thanks again

Phil Bullard


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